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Weathertech Double High Pet Feeding System DHC0803TNTN

Weathertech Double High Pet Feeding System DHC0803TNTN

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Elevate your pet's feeding experience! The WeatherTech Double High Pet Feeding System was designed from the ground up to provide your pet with the safest and most comfortable eating experience available. The two ergonomically designed bowls ensure your pet won't have to strain their neck and back to get every tasty morsel of food and every refreshing drop of water. Made in the USA from ultra-tough stainless steel, these bowls are the only pet bowls certified by the NSF to be free of lead, radiation, mercury, cadmium, and other toxins.

The heavy-duty stand and mat are made using only the highest quality, FDA-approved, non-toxic plastics. The custom designed mat features an elevated interior that prevents spills and messes from pooling underneath the system's stand and bowls. At the same time, the raised outer barrier keeps your pet's mealtime messes contained on its easy-to-clean surface—instead of all over your floor.

Speaking of floors, the soft mat creates traction on a wide array of surfaces. This ensures that the entire feeding system stays anchored in one place, and keeps your floors scuff mark-free. The WeatherTech Pet Elevated Stand features a sloping surface that directs any food or water spills right onto the mat below. The stand also locks securely in place using the raised positioning ribs molded into the mat, so the stand won't move, shift, or tumble over during mealtime.

The WeatherTech Double High Pet Feeding System was also designed to be easy to clean and maintained. The mat and stand can be simply wiped off with a damp towel or rag for quick clean-ups—and for those tougher messes, every piece of the feeding system is 100 percent dishwasher safe! Choose the stand height and color you prefer for your order.Plastic

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