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Fluffy Pets Brushes 850732004025

Fluffy Pets Brushes 850732004025

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If static is a magnet for your pet's constantly shedding undercoat fur, the revolutionary Fluffy Pet Brushes will save you hours of cleaning time. The Fluffy Pet Brushes will remove fluffy, long, double-coated pet hair from furniture, bedding, curtains, rugs, pet beds, and more! The innovative design traps fluffy pet hair with just a few easy strokes—and it's much easier and faster than hauling out the vacuum or fiddling with wasteful sticky rollers! Fluffy Pet Brushes are easy-to-use and there's no mess, no waste, no refills to worry about—buy once, use daily—it lasts for years!

Features and product details:

* Comfortable ergonomic handle sweeps in all directions, fur stays put for easy removal

* Nylon bristles are safe for any fabric to capture and rat together fluffy pet hair

* Faster than a vacuum, better than a lint roller

* Cuts static electricity to pick up clinging hair—simply dampen bristles to help fight the static

* Easy to clean—can occasionally vacuum bristles on detailer tool to keep brush like new for years of use!

How to use:

* Use pet detailer tool in a circular or side to side brushing motion

* Slightly dampen bristles with water for best results

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