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Dog Cat Sling Carrier

Dog Cat Sling Carrier

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Dog Cat Sling Carrier, Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap, with Mesh Pocket for Outdoor Travel (S - up to 4 Lbs, Black - Black)


  • ANTI-PINCH SHEET :The unique anti-pinch design of the AOFOOK small dog carrier is a boon for medium and long-haired cats and dogs. It can effectively prevent the pet's hair from being caught by the zipper, or causing the pet to ache and damage the appearance of the pet's fur due to pulling, and effectively prevent such terrible accidents from occurring to the pet. AOFOOK dog bag gives pets the most attentive care;
  • ADJUSTABLE SAFETY BUCKLE : AOFOOK dog sling can adjust the length of the safety buckle, which can be adjusted to fit the pet’s body shape, effectively preventing the discomfort because of the unadjustable length. The safety buckle of the dog purse is made of metal, sturdy and durable. When in use, the safety buckle is buckled to the towing ring of pet clothes or harness, which can effectively prevent the pet from accidentally falling out. AOFOOK pet bag is the safest care for pets.
  • ANTI-SLIP DRAWSTRING BUCKLE : The anti-slip drawstring buckle design of the AOFOOK pet carrier can automatically lock after being adjusted to an appropriate size opening. The pet cannot escape from the AOFOOK dog carry bag, which can ensure that the pet stays in the puppy purse safely.
  • REFLECTIVE DESIGN : Both the front and back of AOFOOK dog body carrier have reflective design. When you are walking at night or in tunnels with poor lighting, it is easy for drivers to find you, which can effectively avoid traffic accidents.There is a pocket on the front of the shoulder strap to store small dog stuff for small dogs ,cellphone,keys,etc. You can use AOFOOK pet carrier bag as a dog front carrier or a dog carrying backpack.AOFOOK dog slings allow you to travel safely.
  • NON-SLIP ZIPPER : The zipper of the AOFOOK doggy backpack carrier is non-slip design, can be automatically locked, there will be no problem of the zipper slipping off, and the pet cannot escape from the small dog purse. With the anti-skid cord buckle and safety buckle, the possibility of pets accidentally running out of the pet bag is completely eliminated. The AOFOOK dog cat holder just like a kangaroo pouch for dogs provides you with the safest guard.

Product Description

Product Use Scenarios

1. With this puppy sling carrier for small dogs, take your sticky spirit wherever you go, promote the relationship between pet parents and pet babies.

2. Applicable scenarios: puppy slings small dogs for hiking, shopping, subway, cooking, working, travel, walk, camp, etc...If pets are old, injured or blind, we can take them to the vet in the puppy bag carrier for small dogs and go where they want to go.

3. In terms of safety, there are anti-escape safety buckles, non-slip zipper buckles and non-slip drawstring buckles, triple anti-falling design, so that your pet has no worries in the dog carrier bag for small dogs.

4.Suitable pet breeds include: Chihuahua, Yorkie, Pomeranian, Maltese, Silver Gradient, Gold Gradient, Minute, British Short, American Short, Ragdoll, etc. Dog holder for chest small dogs is convenient.

Size Instruction

Please select the most suitable dog carrier bag for small dogs according to the scope of application (please refer to the picture for the measurement method)

S Size Length range: 9 ~12 inches

Neck circumference range: 9-17 inches

Weight range: Up to 5 LBS


1. The adjustable perimeter of the dog carrier bags for small dogs : 42~50 inches, the data is manually measured, and the length is about 1~1.5 inch deviation.

2. Please note that puppy carrying sling is S size. If your pet exceeds the applicable range, please choose a larger size.

3. When the pet is in the AOFOOK puppy bag, the legs are curled up .

Breathable Padded Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap of puppy carry bag is breathable mesh design, which make heat dissipation faster and sweat less. Built-in padded cushions can distribute the pressure evenly and relieve local muscle pain. You can walk a long time without pain in shoulder with AOFOOK puppy pouches.

Non-slip Zipper

The zipper of the AOFOOK small dog carriers is non-slip design, can be automatically locked, there will be no problem of the zipper slipping off, and the pet cannot escape from the dog carrier bag. The AOFOOK yorkie carrier just like a puppy kangaroo pouch carrier provides you with the safest guard;

Adjustable Strap Buckle

AOFOOK doggie pouch carrier is suitable for users 5.0~6.1 feet height. Use the buckle on sling for puppies to adjust the length of shoulder strap, making puppy carrier to best length for you and pets. This doggy sling is highly recommended to families with multiple members.

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